Missouri Senate 2012: Club for Growth Backing Sarah Steelman Over Jim Talent?

As Stacy Mentions I am gonna have to go with Sarah Steelman as I did against her with Senator-elect Blunt I like Talent a lot but it’s time to let new blood in D.C. He’s already been there once did a fine job I think but we need new blood. Still will support him over Senator Carnahan though.

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Thank you Stacy.

Thank you I have been watching since a little before that time. But Thank you since I enjoyed through your efforts speaking to Doug Hoffman, Todd Palin, Christine O’Donnell’s Grandfather I believe it was. And on election night to Rep Allen West. I’ve also miss not being able to go to Kennedy’s wedding (hope they are enjoying the present) and this current year’s CPAC. I’m also happy that I helped you and Dan Riehl hurt the second biggest loser in Alaska. (We all know who the biggest is) I’m glad I helped pull you up from the deer. You have given a lot of excitement to my life and I’m not sure that I would be involved as much in the politics today if it wern’t for you. So thank you for all this and for letting me join the Axis of Fedora.

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Update on It’s Too Late. Updated.

The more I think and listen to the song the more it seems to me to be a dual parallelism. Not a perfect one but of general one of the founding fathers tied in with president Obama as well. Two different times tied together almost. That it is too late to apologize to America. We know who you are and are not deceived any more and we will fight against you. This is our declaration we are declaring our Independence from you from government control. Where it be overbearing from the Left or the Right.

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It’s Too Late.

And people are rising up. No longer will we let our country be destroyed, No longer will we take the euro-socialist bills regulations and amendments coming from Washington.


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A (Belated) New Years Pledge.

This has been an interesting year behind us although as we have gone through it we have seen a swan fall from great heights and an eagle rise from the blistering fire it was under. We have seen blackbirds, grackles, crows and other ill birds sputter and craw going to that eastern city of such fame both ill and good. We have seen the common birds rise up against those ill birds and begun to derail their nefarious schemes.

We have seen young eagles, falcons and hawks face fire and fall and live thousands of miles away. We weep for these brave young fallen ones. We become start to have steely hearts as we vow and rise up from the graves of the fighters of this nations freedom’s that we will guard their backs and take on the ill birds here at home.

To them we say “We know what you are doing and no longer will we stand by as you do it.”

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Stacy McCain Going to MassachusettEs.

Well with a bit of help from readers R.S.M. is going to Massachusettes to cover the final days of the Senate race there like he did in the NY-23. I’ll be covering him and be getting updates.

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Iranian-Israeli conflict likely.

Something that came out over the weekend that the major media outlets let slip by is that the Israeli government has recalled all its ambassadors and counsels. Via Kenny Solomon of Redstate This is a Major deal with implications that is world wide It is likely in the coming month that Israel will be attacking the Iranian nuclear labs. With Saudi Arabia discretely giving Israel use of its air space to attack Iran in the fashion of Realpolitik it is all but inevitable.

Although I do not share R.S. McCain’s (Nsfw due to some ads) thinking that it is Armageddon. Though it is likely that this will have major consequences for the next years.

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Congratulations To Stacy and his Daughter.

Congratulations Are in order as Stacy’s Oldest daughter just got engaged sometime in the past day or so.

The best thing about my daughter being engaged to an Argentine?.

Now My only wonder is if he has another daughter that’s close in age to her. Mind you I do NOT want to be doing 20 in Maryland or Missouri if she is underage.

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ACORN BUST in San Diego!

Breightbart’s Big Government Site has found Thousands of pages of documents from the San Diego Acorn office. In violation of numerable laws about sensitive documents. Just before the California AG’s people showed up a couple days hence.

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Dennis Moore going home.

As Stacy says in the link The Dennis Moore lesson that is true but usually Dennis seat is one of the safer ones due to having Johnson and Wyendotte Counties in Kansas as well as Kansas City, Kansas which is part of them. But with all the things he’s voted for this year it has made his seat contestable for him and somewhat for any other democrat who is going to run next year. Take this as a Missourian from the Kansas City Metro area.

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