UPDATE Sarah Palin getting a Divorce? —– Nope.

Earlier this morning Dennis Zaki filed a report that stated that Sarah and Todd Palin were getting a divorce. Now its come out that he used sources that have been going against Sarah these past months and did not follow up on these and get more. This is as Stacy McCain says are major no-no’s in the journalistic world.

Here are also Dan Riehl and Conservatives4Palin Round-up’s C4P has the best so far.

To: Sarah. Go Get Them.

Here is an Update to the news.

Apparently Dennis Zaki’s source Is one Gryphen of Immoral Minority Is apparently a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten I am not sure of this as this is 3rd hand information from Stacy. Now I am conflicted on this he has the right to teach there but I wonder if the school knows of his blog or the parents do and if that violates state law with what he has said and done. Here is the Teacher standards for Alaska in PDF form http://www.eed.state.ak.us/standards/pdf/teacher.pdf. *NOTE* This is NOT the teachers assistants standards which I cannot find at this time so can not be sure if there are diffract regulations regarding them.

From what I have seen of the PDF he *HASN’T violated any regulations of that type stated. Also of libel laws and such I do not know. But from what I have seen on that he has violated.


A note from Stacy. Leave him Alone is right I had put some information up but took it down when I read this. And another post by McCain

Also here another note from Dan Riehl A bounty of information here and better round up.

If your in a fair fight your tactics suck!

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