Election Day 2009! Update!

The votes are coming in. Bob McDonnell Definitely has a lock on Virginia Governors race. The only question is if he gets a 20-point lead. Were hearing sounds of higher voter turnout in both NY-23 and New Jersey. *Reminder that although the republicans have a higher turnout percentage in New Jersey we must remember that the Democrats have a much larger amount of registered members there. In the Ca-10 race there are sounds that it will be a close in the single digits and a remote possibly a close republican win.

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The Warrior Song

Go ahead and donate for this worthy cause.

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Were going for the Top!

It’s the bottom of the ninth the the bases are loaded. From the left field its Owens with 36 runs. The crowd in his area are calling out but not loudly. From the Right field its Hoffman with 35 runs. The crowd in his area are yelling and rooting loudly. And from the left side of center-left field its Scozzafava with 20 runs. The crowd is silent here. Whats this? Apparently Scozzafava has a few errors and some runs are disqualified. Some of the crowd is drifting to Owens stands and some are drifting to Hoffman. And some are staying right there or leaving the stadium.

Thanks to Stacy McCain for the phone updates. And for the call out.

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David Brooks hates you

David Brooks hates you

”The rise of Beck, Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and the rest has correlated almost perfectly with the decline of the G.O.P. But it’s not because the talk jocks have real power. It’s because they have illusory power, because Republicans hear the media mythology and fall for it every time.”

Mr. Brooks it is not these people who have hurt the G.O.P. it is people like you who have told us that we must go to the center. And our leadership has. So much for that theory.

To make an insight the difference between David Brooks and David Frum is this Mr. Brooks is a centrist politically and thinks he knows better then every one else. Mr. Frum is pretty conservative but also a very headstrong young man who means well but like myself tends to put our foots in our mouth pretty often that’s why I detest Mr. Brooks but support Mr. Frum (generally).

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Military overthrow?

Both Gore Vidal (Leftist) and John Perry (Centrist?) Have articles today that say the military will or should overthrow the government of Obama. The very idea is ludicrous. The military will not do that read John Ringo’s The Last Centurion on how much it would take for it to even to start to fray. For the Military the Central theme in this is ‘Civilian Authority is In Command”.

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Forgot Mah John

Here is the round up of the week thanks for the link.

Forgot Mah John

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2,996 Project Memorial—Maxima Jean-Pierre

She was A food service administrator on the 105th floor Offices of Cantor Fitzgerald. She was a Feisty Hurricane of a lady who made sure that the executives she served ate their food.

She and her 2nd Husband Mr. Zinkofsky were both on a second marriage with a total of 6 children.

9/11 Victum Maxima Jean-Pierre

9/11 Victum Maxima Jean-Pierre

We shall Miss you.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

I have come too late onto the blog scene to ever remember Charles before he turn down this path but his slander and that is what this is of Stacy, Ann, Michelle and Pamela crosses my line in the sand.

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Long delay.

Sorry all had a bit of a rough time past month back up and running.

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2,996 Project

I’d would like to thank Michelle Malkin for featuring this.

This project is to honor the people who died in the 9/11 attacks Catherine Favazza. Started this 3 years ago for which I thank here and be proud to help with.

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